Meet the Team


Alan Harland

Founder & CEO

“You're Never Too Old!” Believe me! Never have truer words been spoken. Finding one’s passion in life, no matter how long it takes, is what we all search for. Almost 30 years I searched for that desire, now at almost 50 I finally found my calling.

Born in the North East of England to a working-class family, my father was a chef who was also a WW2 Veteran fighting with the Eighth Army in North Africa. My mom was a worker in a biscuit (British definition not American) factory and once I came into the world, a housewife. We may have been poor but Growing up in the ’70s was, in hindsight, an amazing time. What a decade! Musically we had Glam, Progressive, Disco and Punk. At the cinema, we had paranoiac political thrillers, scary slasher movies, epic sci-fi films, and rock 'n roll musicals. On the GoggleBox (that's TV to the uninitiated,) we had some of the greatest sitcoms and dramas ever produced.

My father passed in 1983 from stomach cancer. I had just turned 13 the previous October. This created a huge void in my life. He seemed invincible. The next few years I matured fast. So, rather than staying the class clown, I started studying and frequently became one of the top students in most subjects. It felt good to succeed. This spurned my urge to be competitive and succeed in everything.

Leaving School in 1986 I was unsure of my future. Living in a high unemployment area did not help with my motivation or self-confidence. I went to a horticultural college for 2 years and landed a job at a local garden centre. My escape from the monotony of a dead end job was my love of classic film and music. When my all time favourite singer and school-boy crush, Debbie Harry of the Band Blondie, actually performed in my hometown of South Shields, I was there, front row, totally smitten and reverting to happier times in the 1970s. For the Next few years I attended almost every show, then after I was granted backstage access by my hero I knew that anything was possible. I gained confidence and found a personality that people seemed to like. The cheeky Northerner with a sense of humour. It was at several shows in 1993 that I met a fellow fan and my future wife, and though our marriage didn't last, we forged a friendship that has endured all these years.    

Fast-Forward to 2002 when I had the opportunity to emigrate to the US to start a new adventure. It wasn't until around 2008 when on a whim I was persuaded to audition for a role in Dracula: the Musical. To my initial astonishment, I was awarded the lead as Dracula with a dual role as Jonathan Harker. This was the first time I’d performed in public since my school days when we did school plays. At the end of the short run, I was emotionally drained at the fact I wouldn't be working with my new found family of actors again.

Then in 2011 I again decided to audition for a theatre production of Moon Over Buffalo. I was cast in the role of Paul and to this day Moon Over Buffalo has become my favourite show I've ever done. Several further productions over the next few years followed. Then in 2012, I decided to produce my own feature film, labouring over the process for 6 long years till in May of 2018 my First Feature Uberzombiefrau was finally released on Amazon Prime and available as a Hard Copy via Kunaki. We even won a Bronze award from Spotlight Horror Awards.

In Between filming my own project I gained experience working on several Hollywood productions that have been filmed in Ohio. Also joining a local Talent Agency to gain further experience and working on several Commercials in 2018. I decided to become my own boss and form a Production Company so I could do more projects with bigger budgets and better production value.

It was during the process of Filming Uberzombiefrau that I forged many friendships including one that joined me in my new venture.  That friend would become VP of RedCoatProductions LLC, Christopher Rowley.

Good Guys never win, so the saying goes. Well, We’re proving that doesn't have to be the case. Especially when you are driven to succeed.

Welcome to RedCoat Productions!

Stay Tuned for some amazing upcoming new projects.


Christopher Rowley

Vice President

I’m a slow learner with a big heart. Sarcasm and disruption are my friends, but I somehow still manage to be a really nice guy (and very diplomatic). You’ll probably want to hang out with me—even if you don’t like me at first.

It took me more than 30 years to figure out that I wasn’t philosophically aligned with an accidental career in defense intelligence. Thankfully a brush with Shakespeare struck me like a donkey kick to the head and I finally decided to pursue my dream of acting in film. After more than 25 projects, including 6 feature films, I also cultivated my deep love and appreciation for work behind the camera. I’m a trained writer, an independent student of cinematography, and I love all aspects of the filmmaking process. I still act, but my focus is shifting more and more toward writing, directing and producing.

I am well served by more than ten years working in the Southwestern Ohio independent film scene. My energy and passion helped me build a massive regional network of actors, writers, producers and talented film crew members. And my network continues to grow as I work with creatives from around the country and across the globe. Collaboration is among my first loves and this led me into an exciting partnership at RedCoat Productions. I know that through RedCoat my own passion and drive will be matched and multiplied by an incredible team.

Two decades in the United States Air Force taught me a number of valuable lessons and aided me in developing a variety of personal philosophies. I learned one philosophy in particular that I feel translates well to filmmaking—take care of the people and they’ll take care of the mission. I translate that as—focus on the art and the art will draw focus to the bottom line. Filmmaking is an art, but it requires a lot of people and resources to plan, produce and share with the world. The pre-production process for me is among the most exciting and important aspects of that process.

Pre-production is where the art takes shape and (hopefully) results in a strong foundation on which artists can freely build. I have been on enough independent film sets to experience the opposite—costly and inefficient execution and a film that never realizes its intended purpose or potential. These practices also generally lead to earnings that cannot support the mission of the production team (i.e., to make more films!). For this reason, we at RedCoat Productions are dedicated to developing strong foundations for all of our projects by putting major focus on pre-production. This is my personal philosophy which I know is echoed by the RedCoat team.

My love of films does not stand alone. I also love being a father (of four), love being in a relationship with my incredible-other, and I love helping to rescue dogs from desperate situations.  I try to be a good friend and a caring person toward other humans and our earth. I host a podcast, I read occasionally, and I am drawn to all things ancient and esoteric. I also dig conspiracy. And…


Chris "Luna" Coneby

Social Media Manager

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JoAnna Lloyd

Production Assistant

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